The Rhea Bishop Design team enjoys taking your concepts and making them come to life! 25+ years experience in the graphic design industry as a designer, manager, consultant, Rhea is an expert in PowerPoint, corporate collateral, logos and infographics. Starting with a BFA at Parsons School of Design in NYC, moving from the east coast, and now residing in the PNW, Rhea’s design journey has been an adventure! What will be next? Drop a line, and let’s get started!

After a few years of freelance and full-time gigs in NYC/NJ in the magazine biz (remember “Circus Magazine”…??) and the music industry, life’s adventures lead Rhea to San Diego, where she worked for MailBoxes Etc (which is now UPS), Horizons Media and then onto Qualcomm in the full-time capacity, as well as many freelance jobs. Honing her corporate skills in print, it was here where she sharpened her PowerPoint skills – and was crowned the PowerPoint Design Queen!

Now in the Portland, Oregon area, Rhea Bishop Design is involved in medical, financial and education design. Initially, her PowerPoint design blog allowed many from around the country to connect and she enjoyed clients from many states as Rhea’s career developed. Working with small mom and pop shops, design studios and corporate clients alike – whatever your marketing needs – Rhea and her team are here to help. Extremely professional and never a flake, she comes highly recommended, finding most of her clients through word-of-mouth and only by referrals now. Need our PowerPoint or graphic design skills? Let’s talk!